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Hello and welcome to Cover to Credits, a podcast about books and their on-screen adaptations! Have you ever read a book and waited eagerly for its movie adaptation, only to be disappointed by the final result? On the flip side, have you ever watched a movie, only to realize it was based on a book? Have you ever wished you could dive deeper into what makes book adaptations so appealing?

Cover to Credits is the perfect podcast for book, movie and TV lovers alike. In each episode, hosts Ian George and Adina Hilton compare a book to its movie or TV series adaptation, discussing content from all genres and time periods and analyzing what changes between mediums and creators. Episodes frequently feature discussions on how gender, race and sexual identity intersect in storytelling.

If you have a recomendation for an episode, please reach out on social media, or email us at

avid reader Adina Hilton

Adina Hilton

A librarian by trade, Adina brings her passion for books and literary criticism to Cover to Credits. In between reading stories to children, reading for the podcast and reading for pleasure (that’s a lot of reading!), she enjoys cooking delicious meals and taking walks around Pittsburgh. Good Reads

movie buff Ian George

Ian George

A cinephile by heart, Ian is the resident movie expert and graphic designer of Cover to Credits. When he isn’t editing the podcast or reading for the next episode, he’s usually playing chess online or writing something himself. Good Reads

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Our Patrons are a top priority and to show our love we've created a bonus podcast called After Credits. On this bonus podcast we discuss additional film adaptations (like The Shining Mini series) movie franchises, the Oscars and yearly wrap-up episodes. Patrons at any tier receive these bonus episodes, as well as a monthly episode schedule, access to our Discord and priority episode suggestions.

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